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Here’s Visual Proof That Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Getting Into ‘Cruel Intentions’ Mode



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It all sounded like one ridiculous 90s fever dream at first. A Cruel Intentions small screen revival? With Sarah Michelle Gellar onboard too? It wasn’t IMPOSSIBLE to imagine/hallucinate such a thing (heck, Fox attempted a series ages ago), but could it be for real? Like really real? Well, SMG’s Instagram account has put all doubts to rest.

Gellar has recently unloaded a trio of snaps that confirm both a Cruel Intentions pilot and the return of Kathryn Merteuil are on the way. Bring on the visual evidence! Here’s the tease of Gellar going from blonde to brunette.

WHAT IS HAPPENING, INDEED? (You probably sorted it out already, please play along until the end of the tour.