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In A Post-‘Deadpool’ World, Will ‘The Avengers’ Develop R-Rated Potty Mouths?




The next time Bruce Banner hulks out in an Avengers film, will he set loose a string of expletives unlike anything Captain America has ever seen? Will Hawkeye start swearing like a sailor every time he lets loose an arrow from his bow? Those are some of the questions that might be on the mind of Marvel fans after Deadpool set so many records at the box office. People even wanted that character to go host Saturday Night Live. If one R-rated movie did so well with the public, then more are sure to follow right?

Not so fast, apparently. Marvel themselves have rebutted the idea of any further R-rated superhero movies for the time being. According to Collider, Bob Iger himself was short and sweet on a recent earnings call about the probability of that happening.”

“We don’t have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies.”

Yes, apparently it is that simple. Deadpool will remain the only R-rated Marvel film property for at least the foreseeable future. As fun as it might be to see Black Widow tell Iron Man what she really thinks of him in all its inappropriate glory, fans will just have to stick to fan fiction and art for that wish to be granted. Knowing Marvel and Disney though, we will only have to wait a decade or so before a reboot happens for one character or another, and the second installments might be edgier than anybody thinks. A mouthy Ant-Man, anyone?

(via Collider)