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LeBron’s Most Popular Tweets Say A Lot About The Narrative Of His Career


lebron james


From the man who promises to never forget where he came from, comes the ultimate proof, Twitter style. Rocketgraph a quantitative (i.e. slightly nerdy) guide to social media stats has broken down all of Lebron James’ tweets. Yes, even the non-cryptic ones.

Here are the hard stats:

Total tweets: 4934. Following: 168, followers:” 28.54M, which is a ratio of 169.9K followers per account he follows back. Plus, in the last five years, he’s got 4.22 million likes and 4.8 million retweets. All of which feels just about right for an NBA superstar.

His favorite hashtags are #StriveForGreatness #TheLand #IPromise #GoBucks and #SurvivorsRemorse. Hashtags like #StriveForGreatness and #SurvivorsRemorse — which he executive produces — are obvious, but #GoBucks? He was actually referring to Ohio State’s upset win in the Superbowl this year, not the Milwaukee Bucks, but Wisconsin fans can continue to dream.

What is most interesting about all these stats though are his top 3 tweets…