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This Baby Orangutan's First Day Of School Is Too Sweet For Words


If you think humans are the only ones who send their kiddos off to school, think again.

From bus rides to lunchtime, these baby orangutans go through the same motions that their human counterparts do. And their first day is a big deal, too! But for baby orangutan Didik, that special day was even more incredible. Just a few weeks prior, our adorable friend was found with a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

Veterinarians found him at an abandoned Indonesian store and they believe that Didik was grazed by a bullet after his mother was shot. The ordeal was likely the result of a struggle to pry him away from Mom so that he could be sold as a pet.

Watch as this little nugget gets back on his feet with some help from his human friends!

I had no idea that orangutan school was so legit. Sign me up. This seems like it’d be way more fun than the torture I endured in human school.