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This Cactus Is The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Someone Who's Hitting On Your Wife


When you’re shopping for plants for Valentine’s Day, the first one┬áthat pops up into your head are probably roses or some other type of pretty flower.

But what plant do you gift someone you’re trying to send a clear message to on Valentine’s Day that isn’t about love?

I mean, yeah, why would you buy someone a gift on Valentine’s Day if you don’t love or care about them in some capacity, right? And you certainly wouldn’t buy someone you hate a gift on such a special day, right?

Unless that gift is a cactus with a very simple and clear message printed on a note card that this Redditor shared.


The poster says that his wife is a florist and she sent him this photo and said “it was the saddest Valentine’s day order” she ever took.

I would slightly disagree and say it’s the most aggressive, depending on the circumstances behind the prickly gift, however.